Welcome to ELEDIA@USIL

    ELEDIA@USIL, directed by Prof. Antonio TACCHINO DEL PINO, is a research group hosted at the Department of the Information System Engineering at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL, Lima, Perù) aimed at strengthening the cooperation with academic and industrial partners involved in joint research and project initiatives also in synergy with the other nodes of the ELEDIA international research network.

    The fusion of different know-how in research topics of common interest leads to the interdisciplinary application of heterogeneous technologies and methods to the advantage of different (also from a geographical point of view) scenarios.

    The ongoing and future activities of the ELEDIA@USIL node include (but are not limited to) the development of smart self-adaptive systems exploiting wireless technologies for distributed sensing of physical and environmental parameters. Such systems are designed to integrate both innovative technologies and powerful algorithms able to understand the complex relations among the sensed data and to adaptively react to support the decisions of the involved end-users. This paradigm is suitable to fit the requirements and reach the objectives of many complex and time-varying applications (e.g., smart farming, landslide monitoring, etc.).

    Contact: usil-lima@eledia.org